September 2019

Added to our services

Implementation of SMS for Part-145 and Part-M Maintenance Organisations


AOC Solution has now added implementation of SMS for Part-145 and Part-M Organisations to the range of services. 

The implementation will be individually adopted to each organisation and to meet applicable Authority requirements.

If required, we can provide SMS manual templates. 


January 2019 

Another EU Ban List/TCO approval mission accomplished.


AOC Solution has now accomplished its part in the achievement of an ICAO and EASA/TCO standard of operation for another Third Country Operator.


This mission followed the standard AOC Solution routines;


An initial meeting with the operator with a general review of the current AOC organization, operation, and manuals, thereafter together with the operator, setting up the following:


  • The scope and target of AOC Solution support, time frame, and an action plan.
  • A total in-depth review/Audit of the current organization, operation, quality/compliance monitoring system and possible SAFA findings.
  • A review, based on above in respect of compliance with, National, ICAO and EASA/TCO requirements.
  • A report to the operator issued with recommendations based on above.
  • Support with the fulfilment of the given recommendation, required Corrective Action Plans with Corrections, RCA, and the planned Corrective Action.