Management Team


In addition to our management team presented below, our pool of consultants are covering the area of Flight Operations , Ground Operations, SMS, Quality/Compliance Monitoring, Crew Training, EASA Part-145, EASA Part-M, EASA Part-21, Security, Auditing, and Aircraft Inspections.

The management team and pool of consultants have current experience in respective responsibility area and are continously updated on the current requirements. 

Below follows a short description of the management team with background

Erik Kron


  • Licenced Aircraft Engineer (ICAO Type II)
  • Commander DO228/SD3-60/EMB 145/MD80/B737
  • Maintenance Director EASA Part-145 (MRO)
  • Maintenance Director EASA CAMO (Engineering)
  • CMM / Quality Manager / Auditor all areas Fixed and Rotor Wing
  • Safety Manager
  • Accountable Manager / Managing Director
  • Consultant / Advisor for several airlines

Jim Eriksson

Manager Operations

  • Pilot Swedish Police Helicopter Wing
  • Pilot Swedish Armed Forces Helicopter Wing
  • TRI/TRE, Senior Examiner
  • Director Flight Operations, Aeroplane and Helicopter 
  • Commander on, Bell 47, 204, 205, 206, 412, HU50, AS350, DO228, SD3-60 and EMB145
  • Director Ground Operations
  • E(A), FE(A), FI(A), SFI(A), TRI(A), FE(H), TRI(H)

Lars Dahlin

Manager Maintenance Team

  • EASA Part-66 Licence B1, B2
  • EASA Part-145 Line Stationon Manager
  • EASA Part-M Training Manager
  • Airworthiness Review Inspector
  • EASA Part-M Aircraft Import/Export Manager
  • Technical Consultant several airlines

Mikael Olsson

Manager Ground Operations

  • Director Ground Operations
  • Manager OCC
  • Manager Flight Planning
  • Manager Crew Planning
  • Manager Security and Security Training
  • Station Manager
  • Cargo Manager

Jussi Luostarinen

Marketing Manager / Project Manager

  • Aeronautical Engineering studies at MDH University

  • Commander B737 300-900/MAX, MD80, B757/767

  • F100, Bae146/RJ100, MU2B

  • Senior Line Training Captain, Line Check Captain

  • Recruiter

  • Former Company Board Member NAS, PF and SPF

  • Experimental aircraft testing and evaluation experience

Mats Ofverstedt 

Director Operations

  • Swedish Air Force
  • Commercial Pilot/Commander/Instructor/Fleet Chief/Chief Pilot/DFO F100/A321/MD80/B737
  • Chief Operational Investigator, Swedish Accident Investigation Authority
  • Auditor Operations
  • NPH Director Flight Operations
  • Consult and Project Manager for several airlines

Mikael Johanson

Manager Training

  • Commander Saab 340, MD-80, Airbus A320/321, B737 300-900/Max
  • ATO CFI, AOC NPH Crew Training Manager 
  • TRI/TRE, Senior Examiner
  • Flight Inspector Swedish CAA
  • Chief Pilot B737, Base Captain
  • Line training Captain ZFTT, Line Check Captain
  • Project Manager UPRT and ATQP training

Hans Flöjt

Manager Maintenance Team

  • EASA Part-66 Licence B1, B2 and C
  • Engineering Manager Part 145 and Part M
  • Quality/Compliance Monitoring Manager Part145 and Part M
  • Safety Manager Part M
  • Airworthiness Review Inspector
  • Auditor EASA Part-145 and Part-M
  • Advisor for several Part-145 and Part-M organisations

Bo-Göran Svensson

Manager  Operations

  • Fligth Operations Inspector Swedish CAA
  • Accountable Manager
  • Director Flight Operations/NP Flight Operations
  • Commander C500/DA10/MD80/B757-767
  • Safety Manager
  • Ground Operations Manager
  • Senior Adviser/Consultant for several Airlines