Approved Training Organisation

An EASA Approved Training Organization (ATO) is able to train flight crew for type rating, class rating, MCC and instructor ratings.

Since the airline industry is dependent of supply of well-trained, top performing flight crew the requirement on the ATO is high. Efficient operations and competent management is vital for a successful training organization

We are pleased to offer our services to ATO start-ups as well as existing ATOs.

AOC solution have many years of experience from ATO development and management involving direct contact with EASA and National Authorities. 


  • Start-up of ATO
  • Guidance during application process for ATO
  • Organisation of management and structure
  • Compliance and safety system
  • Manual structure, OM, TM, (CAME if required)
  • CAMO (if required)
  • Training Courses
  • Staff training

AOC Solution will support your organization from the first initial step to the final ATO approval.

We will structure and coordinate the entire application process.  

Samples of review and support areas as a part of the preparation process. 


(Only a brief description, for details please contact us).


 Prepare the organization for the initial application for an ATO approval

  • Support you at any stage in the application process
  • Preparing the organization for an Authority audit
  • Support your organization with remarks from the Authority